Aspects of Primary Scenes

Each aspect of Primary Scenes, will be briefly covered, to provide a sense of the scope and diversity that is offered.


Art has been an important part of Primary Scenes, since its conception. It was the combination of art and content that initially formed the genesis of Primary Scenes, and created its identity. There are several art collections that feature a range of styles and formats, from wrapped canvas, to framed posters, and eventually wood and metal pieces as well. Without the art component, Primary Scenes would not be what it is.


Content has been the other aspect at the heart of Primary Scenes since the beginning. It was in the process of sifting and synthesizing, a vast amount of content about the human experience, that initially prompted the visual representation, which became the art side of Primary Scenes.

The content of Primary Scenes actually bleeds into the art side. Starting with the “Guide Panels” you can see a blend of descriptive content, combined with the art of framed posters. Also in the “Image Collection” there is content on the left side of each piece, which characterizes each of the symbols, to add to the visual presentation.

Going further into the content aspect, there are mini books created to explain each element of Primary Scenes, and eventually, they will lead to a larger full-scale book.

In addition, there are plans to develop articles and essays, along with audio and video content as time goes on, including possible contributions from future partners and contributors.


Finally, we have lifestyle products. Here again, is a case of one aspect leading to another. It is hard to say which came first really. It was ultimately the lifestyle changes that I was pursuing and experiencing, that lead to creating the content and the art, in some sense. Through the process of getting into yoga, and meditation and eating better and finding ways to exercise around injuries, that served to start changing my life trajectory. So, it is natural that there are products that fit into, and facilitate that transition. Primary Scenes lifestyle products are focused on the active and the contemplative activities. Products range from yoga mats, to water bottles, and eventually to apparel and items to promote creating spaces for thinking more deeply and doing more of what matters, in the home, or wherever you find yourself.