Colors and Scenes

The colors of Primary Scenes, are perhaps its simplest and most prominent feature. These colors are not merely there for aesthetics, however. Each one serves a contextual role, along with its visual appeal. Each color, is used to define a vertical grouping of symbols, which form the “Scenes” of Primary Scenes.

Blue: Inner Landscape

  • Symbols: Storm, Land, Sky
  • Significance: Represents the turbulence inside the mind and body
  • Fundamental Question: Why?
  • Quality: Feeling

Red: Path of Intentions

  • Symbols: Boulder, Stones, Sun
  • Significance: Represents the resistance to advancing intentions
  • Fundamental Question: How?
  • Quality: Interacting

Green: Structure of Functions

  • Symbols: Egg, Honeycomb, Amazon
  • Significance: Represents the relevant structure, for the scale of functions that matter
  • Fundamental Question: What?
  • Quality: Observing