Shades and Levels

The shades of Primary Scenes, are a bit more subtle than its colors, but they are no less important. Each symbol has a color and also a brightness, which is determined by the opacity of a black shade, applied to the base color. Each shade is used to define the horizontal grouping of symbols, which form the “Levels” of Primary Scenes. Going from top to bottom, the brightest symbols at the top have a 0% opacity black shade. The middle height symbols have a 10% black shade. Lastly, the bottom symbols have a 25% black shade applied.


  • The Brightest Row at Top: Free Flow Level
  • Medium Row at Middle: Balance Level
  • The Darkest Row at Bottom: Lockdown Level

It can help to remember that the Scenes use colors and columns, to group dynamics within the same aspect of human experience. In contrast, the Levels use brightness and rows, to group dynamics across different aspects.