The Meaning of the Name Primary Scenes


The word “Primary” is used for several reasons. From a literal and practical standpoint, it comes from the observation, that what is fundamental to the human experience, are its dynamics. These dynamics are the “Primary” elements at the conceptual base.

“Primary” also refers to the colors used, which are the primary colors from the RGB color space (Red, Green, and Blue).


The word “Scene” refers to the vertical columns, used for grouping the dynamics, that are related to the same aspects of experience. This is derived from the realization, that certain dynamics naturally fit together, and perform various roles, much like the characters in a play. So, a “Scene” contains all the dynamic characters, that comprise a particular aspect of human experience.

Primary Scenes

Now that there is some understanding on where the individual parts of the name come from, we can see how combining them begins to shed more light, on the heart of what is being represented.

Recognizing the power of combinations is central to Primary Scenes, and the name itself is a good place to start. Think of an iPad, or an HD TV set, or a phone. Each frame of every movie, show, video game, or photograph, that you have ever seen on a digital screen, can be produced by a combination of just 3 primary colors, in the RGB color space. This is an amazing fact that we rarely if ever take time to think about, but it is stunning and illustrative to recognize. All of this variety, from every movie on Netflix, to every clip on YouTube, to every photo on Instagram, to every webpage on the internet, is displayed by combining just 3 primary colors. Think about that for a moment, from just 3 primary colors, we can generate all digital content that has ever been displayed, and that every can be displayed, on the devices we own.

Similarly, the combination of just 3 “Primary” “Scenes”, forms the essence of every human experience that we have. Primary Scenes are to the human experience, what pixels are to a digital screen. It is the canvas and the palette, that the stories of our lives are painted with.