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Primary Scenes

Path Yoga Mat

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The Lifestyle Collection by Primary Scenes, features products that inspire us to think deeper, be more balanced, and do more of what matters, with our brief human experience. 

Each of our yoga mats, display the symbols and colors, that represent the core concepts, and aesthetics of Primary Scenes. 

Just as the mind must be free to roam, and be challenged, so must the body. The word yoga, derives its root meaning, from a Sanskrit word for “yoking” or “joining in union”. This ancient Indian concept is evoked here, with a product that combines practical utility, with poetic symbolism. Even just a few minutes spent, bringing mind and body together on the mat, is a priceless investment.




Product Specifications

Backside Finish 



Approximately 1/4 inch.


Sheared microfiber polyester face that increases grip as you sweat. Reverses to an anti-slip natural rubber padding.


Maintains flatness and will resist bunching or bending.


Color on top surface, black on back.

Print Technique

Dye Sublimation with water based, non toxic inks, free of heavy metals, AZO and lead.


Clean with soap and water, do not machine wash.


6x6x24 Box. Fits up to three pieces per box.